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Welcome to our free online character counter tool. Have you ever had a need to known how many letters you have in your piece of text? Maybe you came across the necessity to count the characters of a string when writing a message to your loved ones, didn't you? In fact, those who are the avid users of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or those who simply enjoy texting each other in some common messengers know so well that the number of letters in a text really matters. If you need an effective online letter counter, be sure that you are in the right place! Please type or paste the text that you want to count the number of characters.

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Those people who like talking too much are often boring, and it is always better to try to express ourselves in a brief and precise manner. That is what we learn to do when we use social networks. There are certain limits to the number of letters in a text message we send via our cell phone providers, as well as in our messages on Twitter, our career summary in LinkedIn, and so on. Certainly, it is not always possible to put the information we want to convey in just a short number of characters, like the ones on Twitter, which has the limit of 240 characters only. That is why this kind of online letter counter can be useful and practical for those who need to shorten their word strings. Along with online word counters which are very often used by students and academicians who have certain word limits for their essays, research papers and other academic works, this online character counter can find its application among those who encounter not word but character limits in their work. In order to count the characters of a string or a text, all you need to do is to use the box below. You can just type or paste the text to the box, and in a split second you will see the number of letters, in the small, leftmost box which is below the main large box.

As you can notice furthermore, our online letter counter can show you not just the number of characters, but the number of letters and the number of sentences in your text as well. When working on developing this online character counter, we tried to make it as much convenient and simple as possible, so everyone, starting from school children and ending up with advanced PC users could easily count the letters or words in any kind of text. Please, keep in mind that when you are dealing with character limits and need to count the characters of a string or a text, sometimes not just the number of actual characters, but also the number of spaces between the words should be taken into account. As you will be able to understand by using this tool, our online character counter will calculate the number of characters with spaces in the text you enter to the main large box. Finally, there are a few recommendations for those who need to make their text shorter and decrease the number of letters in a text or a string. First of all, it can be effective to use shorter sentences but without losing the main idea and the main meaning of those. Besides, you should think about using the synonyms for your words, which have a smaller number of characters. It is possible to use other online tools to find such synonyms. Finally, remember not to ignore grammar rules in order to decrease the letter numbers because using improper grammar can not be justified by character limits.